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Beginner Series with Jeff Badler

Beginner Series with Jeff Badler

Jeff Badler is in charge of all of the Beginner series classes at Honors Bridge online.  Teaching novices and beginners are his specialties.

If you have no experience with bridge, take his Beginner 1 course, which consists of  5 weeks of instruction and interactive play for $175. It includes Jeff Bayone’s book,  A Taste of Bridge  and  a free 6-week subscription to, a wonderful practice site.

If you have anywhere from 2 months to 3 years of exposure to bridge, contact him and he will help decide which of his other classes will be appropriate for you.   He simultaneously teaches Beginner 1, 2, 3 & 4.


Play of the Hand and Bidding for Novices and Beginners with Jeff Badler

This class is ideal if you have been taking bridge lessons and want more playing time with explanations after each hand.   I is also perfect if you haven’t played in a while and wish to brush up on fundamental skills.  This class is conducted two times per week…. Tuesday at 11:30 AM beginning August 4th and Thursday at 4:30 PM beginning August 6th.   Email jeff for answers to your questions or to make reservations, which are required.