Affordable and Fair pricing!

Teachers pay ONLY .83 cents to $1 per student!



Shark Bridge works with SB Credit Currency
Teachers pre-purchase credits in advance and are
charged by the number of students per session,
multiplied by the hour, in SB credit currency.

One student, one hour = 1 SB credit

One student, two hours = 2 SB credits

One student, three+ hours = 3 SB credits (maximum charge)

More information about SB Credits:

  • Credits cost $1 USD + any applicable taxes
  • Credits can be purchased in packages at a discount
  • Credits are deducted from your account at the end of each
    session. You will receive an email with details about the
    participants and credit charges, too.
  • Credits can be purchased at any time and will be added to your
    SB credit balance.
  • Credits NEVER expire.
  • All purchases are executed
    using a secure online banking platform, Shopify.